Gregory's Reference Checker: Help

Why didn't it work?

Find the section below that best matches the problem you encountered. If you still can't find the answer, please contact me with as many details about what happened as possible.

My browser warned me about an "unresponsive script". It asked me whether to cancel or continue.
That probably means you were uploading a rather large file. Sometimes such an upload can exceed the maximum time in which your browser expects a script to complete. Just tell it to continue, if you have that option.

This can also be caused by too much traffic on the server. In that case, trying again after a short while will probably resolve the problem.
I got an error that said "413 Request entity too large".
That means that your file is too big; probably bigger than the 1 megabyte limit. If you saved it as Unicode (utf-16), try saving it in a format that isn't so bulky, such as UTF-8 or Windows/DOS.
It keeps saying it can't find the reference section.
This could be caused by several things. Possibly by the fact that the reference section/bibliography heading (e.g., "References") isn't what you said is was on the submission page. Make sure that in the plain text file, the bibliography heading is preceded and followed by a blank line. If it is, the problem may lie elsewhere.

One possibility is that your operating system uses a non-standard end-of-line character. The Reference checker should be able to handle Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux newlines, but other factors can intervene. If your word processor gives you the option, choose UNIX- or Windows-style newlines. Also, try saving your document in Unicode (UTF-8 preferred) and see if that helps.
The program doesn't recognize my style of citations!
Then you can write to me and send a sample, asking very nicely that the format be added.

Note that this is a new window; your settings remain unchanged in the other window. You may close this window if you like.