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My background is primarily in linguistics, but I have become an active computer programmer, working mostly on projects related to linguistics. I find that being both a developer and a linguist helps tremendously in the software design process.

My favorite programming language is probably Perl, due to its expressiveness, compactness, and excellent text-processing capabilities, and the speed of development it allows. At present I am also doing a lot of work in Java, which is excellent for creating and distributing solid, cross-platform graphical applications. I also mess about with other languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and related technologies such as XML and XSLT.

I have designed various types of linguistic annotation software (coding tools) for performing analysis of transcripts of spoken language, and large corpora of written language. This has been done mostly through grant-funded research projects, such as Dexter.

My PhD thesis project included the creation of a program, CenDiPede, which profiles words in corpora to facilitate the study of word meaning. Have a look at the site for more information.

I also make some non-linguistics-related programs I have written freely available for others to use. Check out my Software page.