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Editing and Translation

For some years before going into linguistics, I worked as a writer, translator, editor and proofreader, mostly in the area of Spanish-English bilingual educational publishing. I still work as a freelance editor and translator in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I specialize in editing academic texts at various levels, for example, dissertations, journal articles, and conference papers. Here's an overview of the levels of editing you may request:

Level 1ProofreadingCorrect spelling errors, formatting errors, and grammatical errors.sentence
Level 2Basic editingCorrect unidiomatic, un-English, or genre-inappropriate language.sentence
Level 3Editing for clarityMake sure sentences are intelligible and the text flows from one sentence to the next. Suggest more concise or more appropriate wording.paragraph
Level 4Whole-text editingEvaluate the effectiveness of the text. Point out gaps in argumentation. Make suggestions for restructuring. Suggest what needs to be added, and what might be taken out. Edit to meet length restrictions.whole text

Typically, each level subsumes the lower-numbered levels; for example, editing for clarity isn't done without correcting spelling errors.

I charge by the hour; my fees are very reasonable. The total charge for a job will depend on the level of editing desired, the condition of the text, and the number of revisions you want to go through. If you think I might be able to help you, please feel free to contact me. I can furnish references on request.