Here are some of the attendees of the chilly inaugural DDC meeting. We did go inside, in case you were wondering.

some social pioneers

At our second meeting, we played some pool.

John goes for the 12 ball

Of course, some people like to multi-task.

a call to Brazil

John at his last dining club meeting before returning to New Zealand. We will miss him!

the wry smile

In March, we welcomed new member Adna. Here she is with some guy.


Fernando (or possibly Cary Grant) with Sarah at Casey's

Fernando and Sarah

A bunch of us at the April meeting

the gang

A bunch of us, not watching TV

the gang and the TV

A somber moment at the May meeting

at Connor O'Neill's

Outside at Dominick's, for the final meeting (of the first incarnation).

Rafael, Sarah, Bethany and Ute

Annelie, Steffi, Begoña, and Alan

Rafael and his constant smile

Alan, one of the stalwartest of DDC stalwarts

The whole gang

the gang