6th Jun, 2009

Goodbye Härnösand

I admit that four months is a ridiculously long time to go without posting to one’s blog. I have been hoping to find the time to recount my experiences at the Icehotel, in Spain, in England, and other places I’ve been over the past few months, but to be honest, I’ve been too busy.

The main thing that has been taking up my time is my thesis, which I continue to work on very hard. It’s going very well, but it’s taking longer than expected—which, everyone tells me, is entirely to be expected, contradictory as that may seem. But another thing that has been taking a lot of time is this: We are moving.

My wife Annelie has been working in Stockholm for the past nine months, and the five-hour commute has been no fun. She only does it once a week, but then she has had to rent a room down there. Living three days a week with people she doen’t really know and extremely strange cats has not been much fun, not to mention the extra expenses in rent and travel. Meanwhile, I have been left on my own up here in Härnösand, where nothing ever happens. So it didn’t take us long to decide that life would be better if we lived in Stockholm.

To make a long story short, we have bought a flat in the middle of Stockholm, specifically on the large island known as Södermalm, and are moving down next week (send me an e-mail if you want the address). The closing was a couple of days ago, and now we are back in Härnösand and packing everything we own into boxes. This is mostly books, and I am happy to say that we have hired people who are much bigger than me to carry them all. If everything goes as smoothly as it has thus far, we will be installed in our new flat by this coming Tuesday.

I am very excited to be moving to Stockholm, which is a very beautiful and vibrant city. Am I sad to be leaving Härnösand? Yes, a tiny little bit, but honestly, two years here has been more than enough. I think that, if I can find a few minutes, I will add a post about my most favorite and least favorite things about Härnösand. So look for that over the next few days. And then get ready for some reports from Stockholm!

Off to pack…


Good to hear (read?) from you, Gregory! A move to Stockholm sounds exciting. Also glad to hear the thesis is moving along. You’ll finish one of these days, and we will celebrate when you do.

How exciting! Congratulations on your new home purchase. I look forward to reading about Stockholm, or at least seeing a few photos.

Good job on continuing to plug away hard at the thesis. I’m impressed with your self-discipline.

(I still want to see photos of the Icehotel. Just so you know.)

Good to hear the news, Gregory! It seems that we´re all on the same boat (moving truck?), constantly moving. Stockholm? Wow, it must be a really great place. We’re happy to hear that. We’ve been reading the blog from time to time so as to keep track of you. Abraços saudosos daqui do Brasil!

So look for that over the next few days. And then get ready for some reports from Stockholm!


Just wondering how things are going. Am I going to have to resort to sending an email?

Hi Gregory! Look how often I check your blog – even less often than you write in it! I hope life in Stockholm is suiting you and Annelie well. I still would love to hear more about the Icehotel. =)

Ah, yes. Sorry about that. Apparently I meant “soon” on a sort of Haley’s Comet scale. But take heart–I’m back to posting now.

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