29th Oct, 2008

What is this? (#4)

I’m not finding a lot of time to write blog entries, but I certainly have time for another installment of “What is this?”. As before, the rules are simple: Try to guess what the object is that is pictured here. All guesses and musings are welcome.

What is this?

What is this?

I think this one will be pretty easy. I’m hoping to lure some readers back to the blog who may have concluded that I’m dead. If you do come here, please make a guess, even if it’s a haphazard one.

There is no actual prize for guessing correctly, but the winner will be showered with admiration, and possibly 7 Up. When I see you next. It depends on my mood.

The fact is, I could use all the contact with friends I can get right now, as I’m feeling a bit down at this point in time. I’ll leave it up to the faithful readers of this blog to figure out exactly why that might be so…

So, what is this?


Poor Gregory–All work and no play makes him a sad, sad boy (don’t go all Shining on us, please).

I can barely begin to guess, but I want to say it has something to do with winter, since the picture appears to have been taken in high summer.

I don’t want to give it away for everybody else, but how can I pass up an offer of admiration and possibly 7 Up.

It looks to me like that’s a goal for a strange sport that I only once played on a formal course like the one in the picture. To get the proper equipment, I had to go to “Frank’s Place” a downtown Bellingham, U.S.A. pawn shop, whose owner (Frank?) apparently decided that he could fill a niche by catering to the weirdos who play this sport.

Techniques employed include the Scoobie, Hammer, and Chicken Wing.

Hey, maybe I shouldn’t call them weirdos. The first prize at the U.S. championship earlier this month was $12,000.

Calin, thanks for your warm thoughts. Ian, thanks for playing along with the game. Those are some good hints, and interesting facts. One thing to add: This picture was actually taken right here in Härnösand, so if it’s a thing for weirdos, then weirdos are supported by the government in Sweden. Good thing I moved here!

I have no idea what it is, and less idea what Ian is talking about.

But here’s what I was thinking, before reading Ian’s hints. It looks like some sort of rack to me. For attaching something, or placing some sort of equipment. Like Calin, I thought it was probably winter-related. I briefly entertained the idea of it being for people to attach dog leashes to. Or perhaps that idea briefly entertained me…

It must be getting pretty cold and dark up there by now. It’s already getting pretty dark around 6:00 here. So I imagine you must be in heavy shadows much earlier…

But hey! I just remembered something else. Happy Birthday!

Alejna, I too find the idea of a hitching-post for dogs somewhat entertaining. It is indeed getting pretty dark and cold here. In fact, winter essentially started yesterday, which, as you remembered, was my birthday. Thanks for the good wishes.

Now it’s below freezing and there’s a dusting of snow on the ground. And sadly, once again I’ve missed your Halloween party, which is becoming a tradition. I’ll leave it to you to parse that sentence.

I think Ian gave it away with Scooby, Hammer and Chicken Wing.

Erin, for all I know, those are characters on South Park. You clearly are more initiated than I am in this particular field.

I’m not that good. I was thinking Ultimate at first until I Googled those three terms. I had never actually played either sport.

¿Es una gallina?

No es una gallina. Es de metal. Las gallinas son de pollo.

¿Las gallinas no son de huevos?

Sí. Y los huevos vienen también de gallinas. Es un círculo vicioso, pero también delicioso.

I suppose I will close this particularly odd post by revealing the identity of the object pictured above, for those who have not googled it out yet. (Hey, I just made that up!)

The object is one of the goals on a course designed for frisbee golf, or more properly, disc golf. This is played not only by weirdos in Washington, like the ones Ian knows, but by people (I will refrain from calling them any names) here in Sweden. This golf course is, I believe, maintained by the city for public recreation, alongside the running track, hockey rink, and illuminated ski trails. Let’s hear it for big government!

I think Ian has to be declared the winner, even though he was gracious enough not to give it away completely. But Ian, I should tell you that when I said “showered with 7 Up”, I meant “sprayed”, so you’d better watch out next time I’m in town! Congratulations.

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